Revolution 3" Benchrest/F-Class Stock with Aluminum Bedding Block (SATIN)

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This is the THE afforable benchrest stock.  This is the one that you want.  This stock is fully endorsed by the Urbanrifleman.  I have tested this stock, and have built several absolutely gorgeous and small shooting bench and F class rifles using Remington 700 actions.

These stocks will all be equipped with the ALUMINUM BEDDING BLOCK.  This bedding block, absolutely, positively, does not need to be bedded to shoot 1" 500 yard groups with calibers that are offered right here in this store, with our PREFIT barrels (I have done it myself).

Most of the stocks offered in this model will be offered in the ULTRA HIGH gloss auto style finish.  The only color that will be stocked in the stain finish is the Buckskin. 

You can contact me for any other colors other than the ones I stock, as I will be happy to get you one made to order.