Hunter Reed- Urbanrifleman Prefit Barrel Review

Posted by Bradley Walker on Mar 23rd 2021

Hunter Reed- Urbanrifleman Prefit Barrel Review

One of my customers sent me some progress reports on his Urbanrifleman Remington prefit barrel build in 6br.  I have been very neglectful about publishing stuff, but I am vow this will change!!!  Keep in mind his tests are with LAPUA FACTORY AMMO!!!

"Hey man I spoke with you a few week back about doing a 6BR rem/age build with one of your barrels. Well I got the barrel in and put the gun together and just wanted to send you some 3 shot group pics and tell you how pleased I am with the barrel! I put this gun together on a bone stock 700 action and all groups were shot with factory Lapua 90gr scenar ammo at 100 yards off bags in less than ideal conditions. The barrel only has 15 shots out of it and isn’t truly broken in yet. Feel free to use my pics and testimony for any doubters!"  Hunter Reed 3/21


Just shot a 5 shot group off bags at 100 yards with the factory 105gr Lapua Scenars, group size was 0.338” I love this thing!  Hunter Reed 3/21